Comedians Geno Bisconte and April Brucker on This weeks CFR


On this week’s show from 7–10 PM EST

If he doesnt blow us off again. Comedian Geno Bisconte will be calling in

Geno Bisconte

He has been described by fellow comics, (to his face at least), as a “fast talking wise guy…that you just have to love.” This five-year veteran of the Philly and DC circuit now brings his talents to the New York City club scene- but not before leaving his mark back home.  Geno brings a resume that includes gigs as current spokesman for the Delaware Lottery, roles in several indie films shot in the Philadelphia area, and writer of a monthly humor column for entertainment magazines.  His comedy focuses on the one thing he knows- his life or lack thereof. “I absolutely love what I do but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Everyone’s life is unique to them, which is also the very thing that makes it odd to everyone else and, in the end, so comical. So feel free to laugh at me but in doing so, realize that you also laughing at yourself and everyone else, and I believe that’s the beauty of our individuality.” Geno adds that his true passion is making people smile whether it be through comedy, acting,  or anything in between.   “I argue whether there is anything more beautiful than another person’s smile…sometimes it just takes a penis joke bring it out!” We told ya’ he was loveable.

Check Geno’s website out below:


Comedian April Brucker

April Brucker

As a live entertainer April has served as the opening act  for Otto and George (Howard Stern, the Aristocrats, HBO’s Dirtiest Dozen),  and has been featured alongside Chips Clooney (Las Vegas Headliner, Mentor to  David Copperfield), Rick Shapiro (HBO),Jay Johnson (Two and Only, TV’s Soap),  and David Newell (Mr. McFeeley of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood), Pat  O’Donnell (The Tonight Show), Dan Still (National Touring Headliner) and  others.


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