CFR will be LIVE this Tues!! 11/22/11

Cringe Humor’s Cluster Fuck Radio will be LIVE this Tues. 11/22/11 from 7–10 PM EST

Due to the holiday CFR will not be on this Thurs, BUT we will be on Tues!!

On this show:

Comedian “Desk Chicken” will be hanging

I don't get the chicken thing either BUT he's a good dude and a really funny guy


CFR will announce the newest member to the crew.

Newest CFR Member???

We’ll be talking about:

The pepper spraying of some college kids protesting with OWS by this chubby Lil’ rent a cop.


Michelle Obama gets booed at Nascar Finale.

Cursing doll upsets parents.

When your teen daughter feels like she’s ready to “touch it” and you don’t agree.

Mom Smoking Pot Gets Busted After Son.

Crotchless Panties Sold At ‘Kids N Teen’ Store Upsets Colorado Parent.

Sex With Animals Can Lead To Penis Cancer.  (Who knew?)

Iowa Man 83 yrs old Arrested For Alleged Prostitution.

Man found With At Least 20 Clothed Female Corpses.

Former Rugby Jock, Claims Stroke ‘Turned Him Gay’.

and more.

Check it out LIVE this TUES 11/22/11 from 7–10 PM EST on



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