Comedian Sean Morton and OWS on this week’s show


From 7–10 PM EST

On This show:

Comedian Sean Morton will be hanging out in studio.

Sean Morton

We’ll be talking about:

The Occupy Wall Street protesters getting beaten by the NYPD and Police
around the country. Scott Olsen a Marine that did 2 tours in Iraq at Tuesday’s
Occupy Oakland protests. Olsen is in a medically-induced coma after getting hit
in the head by a police projectile. Thanks for fighting for our right’s as
American’s Scott abroad and at home.

If you’d like to help Scott check out the link below.

Also we be discussing:

Sean’s west coast tour

Joe’s crappy commercial read

Powder’s on everyone’s last nerve with his OCD


Man punches 79 yr old man for doing karaoke

Transgender boy joins the girl scouts

Mom try’s to sell 13 yr olds virginity

NYPD officer buy’s sex for crack

Man uses smoking weed as his alibi for not committing murder

and much much more,,,kinda

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