Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson and Comedian Krissy Donato


On this week’s Cluster Fuck Radio: Thurs night from 7–10 PM EST

Powder interviews Presidential hopeful and former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.

Former Gov of New Mexico Gary Johnson

Mr Johnson is a really good man with some progressive idea’s on how to turn the country around. Check out his website below and get informed!

also Comedian Krissy Donato will be hanging out in studio.

Comedian Krissy Donato

Check her out at:


Also, We’ll be talking about:

Powder and Bryan go to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and interview some of the protesters.

Another fat man get’s mad at a fast food restraint and call’s 911

Powder get’s drunk and fights with Bryan

The aftermath of Joe getting drunk on the air last week and trashing his girlfriend

Bryan will TRY and get his stalker to come on the show

Crazy women and relationships

The man with the 1oo lb Scrotum

Iowa Minister, Nabbed In Prostitution Sting

and much much more.

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