Comedian’s Justin Murray and Desk Chicken on This week’s CFR

Cluster Fuck Radio is back LIVE this week!!!

If you only listen to 1 CFR show ever. THIS IS THE ONE!!!

This week’s guest are:



Justin Murray


Our buddie only know as “Desk Chicken”

On this week’s show:

Tired of the shit!!!!

It’s time to address a few things and a few people and set everything straight!


Men who stalk men.

Which CFR member got arrested at the studio last week??  and
What Fat/Corpes molesting/ 47 yr old virgin “May” have set him or her up?

Fun stories from Jail.

Tina FINALLY breaks her silence about her public breakup with our friend Carlo from “The Wise Guy’s Show”

Chat Room CUNTS.

a Fat pig sues White Castle because he can’t fit in seat.

a 3 year old screws up “Mom’s” drug deal. No wonder people hate kids.

Woman Sent To Morgue While Still Alive.  (Thankfully not to our buddies morgue, a live woman would have killed his rod.)

Botched Surgery Leaves Woman With 1 huge boob.

and random nonesence and hatred!

Tune in LIVE this Thurs from 7–10 PM EST






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